History of the AAMI Foundation

The AAMI Foundation was established in 1967 to recognize leaders and students in healthcare technology with awards and scholarships. In 2010, the role of the Foundation was significantly expanded. Following a Summit on Infusion Pump Safety, the co-chair of the AAMI Infusion Device Standards Committee, and Mary Logan (AAMI president) proposed efforts to make infusion devices safer and to coordinate implementation of the action plans resulting from the Infusion Summit and future summits. This was prompted by many summit participants that wanted a place to share information  and to develop strategies to improve device  safety.

Over the next several years, the Foundation’s national committees evolved into the National Coalition for Alarm Management Safety (2013), and the National Coalition for Infusion Therapy Safety (2014). These coalitions  brought more subject matter experts to the table and identified targeted concerns to address over a two-year period. In addition, The National Coalition to Promote the Continuous Monitoring of Patients on Opioids was launched in 2014. The most recent addition to the coalition efforts was the National Coalition to Promote the Safe Use of Complex Healthcare Technology (2017).

Since 2017, the Foundation has continued national outreach for all coalition efforts to improve patient safety. As a result, materials (guidance documents, seminars, tool kits and case studies) detailing best practices from leading healthcare organizations were shared with others who are working to address the various patient safety issues at the point of care within their organizations. The Foundation staff has been working on technology-focused national initiatives that impact the point of care and on a smaller project on home infusion therapy. In March 2018 the AAMI Foundation closed out the National Coalition for Infusion Therapy Safety and over the next several months will retire the National Coalition to Promote Continuous Monitoring of Patients on Opioids. The remaining two coalitions (National Coalition on Alarm Management Safety and National Coalition to Promote the Safe Use of Complex Healthcare Technology) are still active.

AAMI Foundation Board of Directors – 2019 Officers

Steve Yelton, PE, CHTM

Cincinnati State Technical & Community College

Eamonn Hoxey PhD, FR PharmS
E V Hoxey Ltd

Janet Prust
Director, Standards and Global Business Development

Robert Jensen
President & CEO

Tim Vanderveen
Independent Consultant

Matthew Weinger, MD, MS
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Lawrence Hertzler
Senior Vice President

Ralph Basile
Vice President

AAMI Foundation Staff

Steve Campbell
Executive Director