Mary K. Logan Research GrantEligibility Requirements and Funding Availability

Awards are restricted to 501(c)(3) organizations and the awards are made to sponsoring organizations, and not to individuals or departments. Any qualified member of a sponsoring organization (hospital, university, clinic, etc.) in the United States or Canada (tax-exempt charitable organizations under the Canadian tax code) may apply. Only one person may be listed as the principal investigator (PI) and all other co-investigators, collaborators and consultants must be listed.

While there is no limit to the number of applications that may be submitted per individual or institution, the AAMI Foundation will award funding to no more than one proposal per PI in a given funding cycle. Submissions of previously unfunded applications are allowed but must address the reviewer’s comments and how the re-application differs. Up to 15% indirect costs are permitted in each proposed submitted budget.

No award will be considered unless a copy of the application to the institutional review board (IRB) or animal studies committee (ACUC) is received along with the research proposal.  IRB or ACUC approvals (or granted exemptions) are required prior to disbursement of funds.

There will be one or more awards with the total of all awards not to exceed $80,000 per year.