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Healthcare technology is no longer limited to hospitals. Increasingly, it is moving into homes and other nonclinical locations—making it possible to reduce hospital costs and increase patient comfort and convenience. However, there are risks and challenges to consider as this technology is placed in nonclinical environments, into the hands of individuals who are not medical professionals.

The approaches that work well in robust hospital infrastructures and with well-trained professionals fall short in highly variable nonclinical settings.

Hospital to Home Transition

  • Healthcare is an evolving landscape with more patients transitioning to home from the hospital setting where they can take control of their care.  Often times, they will be using technology to continue their treatments and infusion devices are a common technology that patients use.  This transition requires communication, caregiver and patient preparation and a standardized process to ensure compliance and success.

    The AAMI Foundation has created a process map for successful infusion therapy transition from the hospital to the home.

Horizons 2010

  • The combination of an aging population and increasingly sophisticated, easy-to-use medical equipment has led to an explosion of home and other non-hospital-based healthcare.

Horizons Spring 2013

Home Healthcare Events

That Stupid Machine is Alarming Again: Transitioning Hospital Technology into the Home

Presented, December 11, 2014
Sep 28, 2017

The Future of Home Healthcare

Mary Weick-Brady and Jason Amaral

September/October 2018

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