The AAMI Foundation promotes the advancement of healthcare technology related professionals through scholarships and awards. By supporting these programs, you are helping more students enter the healthcare technology field. At a time of when technology is changing rapidly and the workforce is aging, these scholarship programs are vitally important to ensure that healthcare technology continues to be both safe and effective in the future. We have the following scholarships and award programs to support:

Healthcare Technology management (HTM)

Healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals are vital members of any world-class healthcare delivery team. Biomedical equipment technicians and clinical engineers play a vital role in healthcare by working to ensure that medical devices and related systems are safe and reliable—and always ready for use in life-saving situations. (For more information on the HTM profession see click here)

Every year, the AAMI Foundation awards the Michael J. Miller Scholarship to students aspiring to become biomedical equipment technicians, clinical engineers, and health systems engineers. These scholarships expand access to students who have demonstrated academic excellence, technical aptitude, and a commitment to healthcare technology and patient safety. Would you like to contribute to the Michael J. Miller Scholarship? click here)

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The Kilmer Scholarship Award

The AAMI Foundation and Kilmer Conference International Advisory Board (IAB) have created the Kilmer Scholarship Award. The Kilmer Scholarship Award (KSA) will offer academic scholarships to individuals seeking or continuing a profession in the area of microbiological quality or sterility assurance. Typically, individuals seeking or continuing a profession in sterility assurance might be pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in industrial microbiology, engineering (chemical, electrical, mechanical or biomedical), physics, pharmacy or related fields.

The Kilmer Scholarship Award is launching in early 2020. Details on applying will be provided soon.

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Health Systems Engineering Alliance Scholarship

In 2017, the AAMI Foundation established an annual scholarship in partnership with the Health Systems Engineering Alliance to help support the adoption of a systems approach to healthcare technology.

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